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PCSX-df is under active development, so users interested in the bleeding edge version will want to get a CVS checkout. Currently there is no release! (Coming soon)

Development Version

The development version of PCSX-df may be completely broken, segfault at important locations, not play games, or otherwise ruin your day.

Use anonymous CVS on Sourceforge.net

To compile:

cd pcsx-df/
bash autogen.sh
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install


PCSX-df 1.10 release 29 March 2009. Download at SourceForge.

The following changes are part of this release:

  • Add support for loading ISO/BIN images from the command line
  • Modifications to the UI, particularly for the preferences screen
  • Various PCSX core amendments, including commencement of an integrated debugger
  • Many bug fixes